capillar IT

Solutions for sustainable logistics, Fintech, and data at municipal, B2B, and B2C levels, with the goal of increasing profitability and sustainability.


Innovative solutions for the competitiveness of sustainable commerce.

capillar IT

Capillar IT is a provider of solutions for commerce at B2B and B2C levels, aiming to increase profitability and sustainability through cooperative and collaborative competition (coopetition). Our focus is on delivering relevant methodology and technology, involving the integration of cycle-logistics, electro-logistics, optimization algorithms, and digitalization.

1. We present the new logistic problem by dimensioning all its drivers and components:

  • How can logistical supply make logistical demand more sustainable?
  • Is it possible to divide the city into dynamic areas with balanced and sustainable demand and supply, considering B2B and B2C, e-commerce, customer-centric digital economy, data exchange, urban space, clean energy modes, pollution, quality of life, and SDGs?

2. We solve the logistic problem with:

  • Algorithms to balance demand and supply with a view towards the SDGs.
  • Performance diagnosis and simulation.
  • Benchmarking of potential solutions.

3. We enable solution implementation through:

  • Dynamic urban planning via pilots.
  • New digital infrastructure for smooth data flow.
  • Orchestrated business models and governance.

Capillar IT is headquartered in Zaragoza (Spain) and operates in Europe and Mexico.

We are sustainable logistics and digitization