Urban and rural logistics consultancy

Standardized approach for site-specific solutions that link logistics with the SDG.


Urban and Rural Logistic Consulting

Logistics consulting

We diagnose and reframe the new logistical problem, solve it based on data, and enable solutions swiftly by starting with demonstrative pilots.

We have developed a methodology that determines the current level of sustainability of the considered system by analyzing the demand and supply of logistic services.

This enables us to identify and prioritize the aspects to address, as well as define the corresponding actions along with their requirements and deployment strategies, which include the implementation of rapid pilots, to generate evidence that validates the strategies and subsequently scale the scope.

We accompany the process with a data strategy to support decision-making and enable the deployment and development of the identified solutions.

How do we do it?

Our specialized services to address the problem:


Diagnosis of the current state:Analysis of the current situation compared to standards and goals set by the EU and SDGs.


Decarbonization roadmap:Assessment of different scenarios juxtaposed with actions and investments for achieving sustainable decarbonized logistics.


Information systems diagnosis:We assess whether data collection methods and information processing are interoperable and optimal for addressing the most effective decarbonization actions. Traffic sensors, tracking, IoT, emissions, data providers, etc.


Incentives for the creation of collaborative decarbonized operators:Feasibility study, market analysis, and KPIs to energize decarbonized operators formed by associations of merchants and/or producers to market products and services sustainably and decarbonized, with the support of digital twins, Fintech, and data sovereignty.


Piloting and Implementation of Collaborative Decarbonized Operators:Creation and analysis of pilots, technical and economic architecture of the operator, governance, business model (Capex and Opex), energizing the local ecosystem, training, and digital tools (sales platform, tracking, logistics optimization, and shipment management).

Urban and rural logistics consultancy

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Urban and rural logistics consultancy

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