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In the labyrinth of urban logistics, every decision and every second count. The last mile is not just an efficiency puzzle, it is a battle for the sustainable future of cities and the independence of business models. Yesterday’s distribution solutions are no longer sufficient for the commerce that sustains our economies. Amazon has redefined the field and the rules of the game, and now the mutualization of resources, capillarity, control of data exploitation, from production to the end customer, and the digital infrastructure on which to rely are crucial. The EU is about to launch a new framework for a digital single market based on Data Spaces, so that all economic actors can exercise sovereignty over their data and not be captives of a few digital infrastructure providers. The digital revolution underway depends on how the new logistics is organized.

Capillar IT is at the forefront of this revolution. As the leader of one of the first 16 experiments selected by the EU, we have conducted an experiment to offer a sustainable urban logistics service through the first EU digital Single Market prototype, based on i4Trust technology. The objective? Enable logistics service providers (LSP) and their clients to adapt to this new order, imposed by giants like Amazon and its full-stack model of vertical integration of the value chain. We are proposing a service that not only simulates the integration of capillary logistics in business, but also opens the doors to the world of Data Spaces to compete on equal terms from the advantage provided by the capillarity that native digital solutions suffer from.

Our approach is a high-tech strategy game. We have created a digital twin that executes interaction scenarios between LSP, cities and clients, optimizing the logistics operation in economic, social and environmental terms. Thanks to the i4Trust technological framework promoted by FIWARE, we have personalized identity and access, making data management easier and faster than ever.

The results speak for themselves. We involved five end users, and two of them, Urbike and Coopcycle, are using our tool to transform their operations. We have achieved progress of 28% to 42% in performance, converting three-month analysis into work of less than a week. But that’s not all: we are opening a new data exploitation market, crucial to position ourselves in this new era. Our next steps include ensuring integration with emerging systems and standards, working on the convergence of standards such as Digital Link and Scan4Transport with NGSI-LD and Large Language Models (LLM) aligned with the work of FEDeRATED, and adapting algorithms to reflect realities urban and take advantage of the capital advantage of cyclologistics with its capillarity.

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