Capillar is Tech partner at DECARBOMILE

DECARBOMILE is a collaborative initiative led by 31 European partners, funded with 7.9 million euros by CINEA under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. With a total budget of 9.6 million euros, we are dedicated to driving change in the green last mile logistics space. Our goal is to demonstrate the full potential of decarbonised last mile delivery and promote sustainable practices in the industry by providing a guiding model to deploy sustainable last mile logistics across cities. 

Out of 11 working packages Capillar IT is leading the Work Package 6 focused on the digital infrastructure of the model. It particularly focuses on implementing an Open framework for interoperability in the last mile, gathering all the different digital tools provided by the consortium to allow users to combine their functionalities according to the new business cases developed through the project in different Living Labs. In other words, to create a basic layer enabling each Living Lab the relevant services (algorithms, sensors, and data) to offer optimized, decabonized logistics.   

The Project, that started in September 2022, builds the model around the following key pillars: Collaborative Practices, Sustainable Business Models, Optimized Urban Integration, Digital Infrastructure and Smart Regulation. The main results of DECARBOMILE are tailored solutions deployed across the Libing Labs, demonstrating the full potential of decarbonised last-mile logistics in four European cities in line with their technical, environmental and local socio-economic contexts. 

We are thrilled to be part of this ambitious and challenging Project, within which we expect to pave the way to achieving a sustainable, efficient, and non-polluting commerce, that empowers consumers, small producers, and merchants, through coopetition models (cooperation and competition) to boost a systemic approach towards carbon footprint reduction goals and enhancing people’s quality of life. 

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