Capillar IT awarded 2023 NEOTEC by CDTI

In 2023 Capillar IT was awarded a NEOTEC competitive funding for its landmark Project entitled “DIGITAL SERVICES FOR SUSTAINABLE TRADE – DIGITAL PAYMENTS AND LOGISTICS WITH DATA SELF-GOVERNMENT”, under the file number SNEO-20222201, by the CENTER FOR INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, with a budget of €382,229. The general objective of the NEOTEC program is to contribute to entrepreneurship by supporting the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies with a vocation for growth, and accelerating the transfer of knowledge from public research organizations and universities. 

In this project Capillar IT enables a one-stop-market for food products, services and information to empower conventional commercial channels around the wholesale markets to compete on equal footing with native digital businesses focused on data exploitation (e.g., Temu, Amazon) through new business strategies, tailored services and incentive-oriented agreements for sovereign exploitation of data. 

Amidst these services the focus is on tapping on the mutualization potential of the food commerce around wholesale markets by developing a digital lending and deferred payment solution (FinTech) up to end-consumers, along with an urban logistics service, optimized by mutualizing the needs of B2B and B2C sales channels. To access both services giving users control of the exploitation of their data, the project enables an access-point over a distributed digital architecture based on the i4Trust technological framework. 

CDTI is funding this innovative product of Capillar IT through a 24-month program that will result in granting a consolidated business line for the company. Once our platform is ready we will be able to service a wide range of wholesalers, local producers and farmers, retailers and end consumers, linking rural production with urban consumption, in a sustainable, decarbonized and digitally safe manner. 

We are thankful for this recognition received from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and CDTI, where we count on the support of 2 key subcontractors as ITA INNOVA and CIRCE. 

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