Capillar IT member of ALICE

After the Collaborative Innovation Day in Rome in 2018, it was a pleasure to join the @ALICE ecosystem in Brussels for a new edition of their Brokerage Event. A groundbreaking effort to align business, political and research agendas in the EU logistics sector. And a unique opportunity to connect with the leaders and decision makers. First for boosting and empowering short-term collaborations, in the framework of the incoming calls for projects of @CINEA, #MissionCities and @EITUrbanMobility, which was the focus on day one. And then to make an exhaustive exercise, that @Fernando Liesa and #ALICEteam conducted in day two, to provide ideas and give reflections on the recommendations for the @EUCommission priorities for 2025-2027 and beyond.

This time in Brussels also represents a particular milestone for us @capillar IT, as we made our official debut as @ALICE members, after being shortlisted as startup of the year in #IPICI2019 London and present in #IPIC2023 Athens our contributions to mainstream the deployment of sustainable last mile in cities in the framework of @GIZ’s “Programa de Transporte Sustentable’ in Mexico and @DECARBOMILE.

A great push to bring to the working tables our learnings and insights on how #freshfood #wholesalemarkets can serve as backbone to decarbonize cities and build urban resilience through more competitive and sustainable commerce.

Collaboration opportunities sprout around wholesale markets as foundational nodes of urban #PI-networks governed through #DataSpaces. The endeavors of @Rungis, @Mercazaragoza, @FreshfelEurope, or @Mercamadrid and @Mercabarna, set a powerful baseline for SMEs in this strategic sector to lead the Green Transition of our cities by raising their competitiveness and reducing urban traffic and energy consumption with smart digitalization.

An opportunity reinforced by the new framework that @Margrethe Vestager’s team and #DGConnect have managed to install for achieving a #EUSingleDigitalMarket effectively open to fair competence to overcome the current digital divide.

Our endeavor to raise the competitiveness of local commerce and logistics operators, through the deployment of #SelfcontrolledDataExploitation and #SharedSustainablelastMile services fed by railway and ports enabled with the most capillary capabilities and supported by simulations to anticipate risks, resonates through the exchanges with those of @FundaciónValenciaPort, @Adriafer, @IMEC, @ITAINNOVA, @URBICO, @FixLog consulting, @FIT consulting, @EITUrbanMobility and @SLP Alliance. And they push us to engage and expand current efforts of @ALICE, @POLIS Network and @WUWM.

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