Data space infrastructure

Digital decarbonized operator platforms for small traders and producers in accordance with the EU Data Law for the Single Digital Market.


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Data space

We create holistic digital platforms (Marketplace & business intelligence + Fintech + Logistic optimization engine) for decarbonized operators, targeting small traders and producers, in compliance with the EU Data Law.

The architecture of our ad hoc platforms complies with the Data Space Business Alliance (DSBA) guidelines for sovereign and trustworthy data spaces in the EU, drawing from capillary IT experience in i4Trust (the first CE-driven development to launch the European Single Digital Market).

We ensure interoperability among platform information systems (Marketplace & business intelligence + Fintech + Logistic optimization engine) through the definition of standard data models and the use of DSBA connectors.

We enable the implementation of policies and licenses for data access and exchange, in accordance with regulations, empowering data sovereignty for those who produce it.

We enable and drive the Data Marketplace to capitalize on its value:

  • Through direct monetization, by enriching available databases and providing access to contextual data.
  • Through indirect monetization, by enabling the direct trading of generated data.

How do we do it?

Equipping our EU-compliant platforms, tailor-made for each context and users, with the following modules:


Marketplace with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)for continuous improvement (economic and operational) for small producers and traders.


Capillary IT Fintechfor payment and collection optimization, remittances, incentives.


Capillary IT logistic digital twinfor logistic optimization, coopetition, sustainability, and decarbonization.

Data space infrastructure

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Data space infrastructure

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